Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lovie Dovie Pictures!! :)

Meet Rose and Alex... :) Rose has been Heather and I's sister from another mister sense we were wee lil tikes! Shes might as well be family!! She spent christmas break down in St. George, but lives in Santa Barbara California.. She wanted to take home with her some of St. George's beauty!!!! Snow Canyon is so beautiful, the contrast of the red and black makes for the most beautiful pictures! JD and I were actually engaged there, at white rock!! :) Speaking of engaged, these two are NOT engaged or married or going to be getting married for a while! Rose is pretty focused on getting her Nursing Degree before making any big changes in her life :) That aside haha, they are a REALLY cute couple and they wanted some nice pictures after being together 4 years!!! They told me over and over again they had so much fun doing pictures and that brought the biggest grin to my face!!!!!! Enjoy!
With love Kariann

Snapped this while we were walking around... :)

If you know Rosie, then you know why i did lime green color on this! ;)

So beautiful Rosie!!!

WOOPS just realized the 2 m's in the .com!!! 

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