Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Pictures

This is one of my good friend's sassy little devil Rylee!!! She is to die for cute!!!! We took her and my niece Claire out for some fun halloween pictures!! They turned out so fun!! :) Here's a couple cute ones ill add more later!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coopie! :)

This is my Nephew cooper just a few days after he was born! These pictures are some of the first photo's i took before i had photoshop... And I absolutely love them! :)

There is beauty all around!

I love taking pictures of anything!!! Of course people are my favorite to photograph but i cant help but love the beauty around us!


This is my sister in law Jenna!! She's always ever so kind to let me take pictures of her!! She is beautiful!!

Amanda and Joshy

This is my sister Amanda, her husband Josh, and my nephew's Kaleb and Cooper!! :) This was mothers day in Pine Valley. The pictures were just for fun! :)


These three helped alot when it came to getting used to my camera! Tanden used to work for Lifetouch photos so he has been a big help! :) Claire is so fun to take pictures of too! i probably have taken more pictures of her than anyone else! So thanks for bein my model and helping me build my portfolio!!! (ps. these are from a while ago, im just getting my blog up to date! :) ) Im sad i didnt learn how to post larger pictures sooner! the smaller sized photo's just dont look nearly as good as they do they're normal size

Family Pictures

This was a few months back, my sister Irene asked me to take pictures for them, it was a challenge to get everyone looking at the camera but we did manage to get quite a few good ones still! :)

Maddox and Chelsea

This is my sister in law Chelsea and my niece Maddox! They just moved to Alaska! Gonna miss these two!! Love you guys!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Michelle & Tony

Thanks so much Michelle and Tony for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding! It means more to me that you will ever know! :) Im extremely excited!!!!!!!

Jade was the cutest little girl!!! She cracked me up with her smiles!!

Michelle's bridals!! More after the wedding in a few weeks! :)

My beautiful friend Meghan

Just taught myself how to post larger photos!!! :) I cannot beilve how much better looking they are bigger and not on facebook!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cardston Alberta Canada Temple