Monday, February 22, 2010

I couldn't resist!

These are too cute i had to share!!! I did these pictures awhile back but haven't been able to really get to them -- ive been busy with work, school, bein a wifey! :) It was my Niece Claire's 2nd Birthday at the end of December and these were for her birthday! Amanda and Cooper came along with and we snapped a few of the baby too.. He cooperated better than the busy 2 year old!! I love having so many nieces and nephews to enjoy!! It brings a smile to my face to capture their array of personalities with a photograph!!! I shot most of these with my new 1.8 50mm Lens... I love it, im starting to really get it figured out! :)
With love Kariann

Love his tooth!!! Too cute!!! :)


  1. So darling! Hard not to be with kids that cute!

  2. I absolutly LOVE Coopers big beautiful eyes and Claires adorable red hair!!!

  3. Oh wow! they're so dang cute! Good job baber!