Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is my sister Heather, she is WAY done being pregnant!! She is 39 weeks and ready to go but i guess the little man is not!!! Maybe posting these pictures here will help send the message!?! hahha we will try anything at this point! Were so anxious to meet this little guy!!!!! I haven't seen a cuter pregnant chick in my life, her belly is perfect, no stretch marks!!!! She makes me baby hungry.. someone SLAP ME NOW!!!!!! hahhaa
With love Kariann

We painted a heart on Heathers belly cause when we were little we LOVED care bears!!! So we thought this would be fun and different! :) Claire ended up FREAKING out cause she wanted her "baby brother" painted too

She was SO excited!!!! hahahaha then she kept telling us Kari have "baby brother" painted!!!!!! SOOO i got sucked in and had to join the fun too! :) We laughed our bums off it was funny!!!

Were all saying CARE BEAR COUNTDOWN!!!!!

Claire trying to stick her belly out hahaha!!